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Wines from the Island of Giglio: Altura.
Francesco Carfagna. Photo by Juliette Pope.


The Altura project is an homage to the island of Giglio and how it tranformed Francesco Carfagna's life. For those unfamiliar with Giglio, it's a small island 10 miles off the coast of Tuscany and only accessible by water ferry. The island is small, mostly mountaneous and 90% covered in vegetation. While it densly populated in the summer, fewer than 600 people live there year round. Francesco Carfagna is one of them.


This interview with Francesco Carfagna took place in his vineyards in November, 2011.


Francesco Carfagna on the history of Altura.
Francesco Carfagna on his introduction to Giglio and winemaking.


This visit at Altura took place in November, 2011.


Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Alex Finberg.