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Vin de France from Auvergne by Jean Maupertuis.
Jean Maupertuis. Photo by Jules Dressner.


Though he's one of the most soft spoken and humble producers we work with, Jean Maupertuis is a natural wine legend. As a founding member of the defunct Domaine de Peyra, he was amongst the first generation pushing the limits of committed sans-souffre winemaking in the late 90's. A bottle of Peyra these days is a hot commodity and we can personally attest that a good one is a truly magical experience. Funnily enough, the same can be said about Jean's wines. At least we can expect new bottles each vintage!


This interview with Jean Maupertuis took place on his front porch in July, 2013.


This visit with Jean Maupertuis took place in July, 2013.

Words and photos by Jules Dressner.


Vdf "Puy Long"
Soil: limestone
Grape: Chardonnay
Vines: ?
Vinification: Direct press, fermentation starts in vat, then continues in barrel, along with malolactic fermentation. Aged on the lees.