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Vin de France from Touraine by Noëlla Morantin.
Noëlla in her cellar. Photo by Kevin Mckenna.


Noëlla Morantin, originally from Brittany, started making wine in the Touraine in 2008. A random encounter with a professor of viticulture inspired her to start learning about wine, and this hobby quickly became an obsession. In 2001, she quit her job and started viti//vini school, where she interned with Agnès and René Mosse until 2003. In 2004, she met Junko Arai, the owner of the now defunct Touraine estate Les Bois Lucas. The two hit it off and Noella was eventually hired as head overseer of the estate.


This interview took place at La Boudinerie, Noëlla Morantin's home, in June 2011.


This visit with Noëlla Morantin took place in July, 2013.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by John Kafarski and Jules Dressner.


VDF "Les Pichiaux"