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Chassagne-Montrachet from Thomas Morey.
Thomas Morey.


When the legendary Bernard Morey retired in 2005, his sons Thomas and Vincent continued running the estate until 2007, where they amiably split to form wineries under their own names. Besides splitting the land, little has changed in Thomas' work. The winemaking, which remains classically Burgundian, does have its particularities: Thomas uses only indigenous yeasts for fermentations, never filters the reds and keeps the white wines on their lees until bottling for extra fat and texture. He also never adds sulfur before or during vinification: small doses are added over a six month period after malolactic fermentation so it can integrate itself into the wine over a long term, and this process permits Thomas to not have to use any at bottling.


This interview with Thomas Morey took place in his Chassagne-Montrachet tasting room in July, 2012.


AOC Bourgogne Aligoté


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