Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer
Anjou Wines from Agnès et René Mosse.
Agnès (and Denyse).


Agnès and René Mosse live and work in the village of St-Lambert-du-Lattay, in the Coteaux-du-Layon area of Anjou. The Layon is a small tributary to the Loire that lazily digs its way through well exposed and drained hills of schist and sandstone. Its micro-climate allows for a long hang-time, and when the mornings are foggy in the fall, with no rain, botrytis develops easily on the Chenin grapes.


This interview with René Mosse took place in his dining room in June 2011.


This visit with Agnès and René Mosse took place in January, 2015.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Noah Oldham, David Sink, Patrick Capiello, Hadley Foss and Josefa Concannon.


VdT "Magic of Ju-Ju":
Soil: clay, gravel and shale on decomposed schist.
Grape: Chenin Blanc
Vinification: slow alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in barrel. Aged 12 months in barrel.