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Nobile di Montepulciano from Poderi Sanguineto 1 & 2.
Dora Forsoni.


Poderi Sanguineto 1 & 2 is the family estate of Dora Forsoni in Montepulciano, the legendary hill town of southern Tuscany. Dora and her partner Patrizia Castiglioni continue to do all the work on the farm where Dora's father taught her from generations of knowledge how to tend the old vines of true Prugnolo Gentile, Mammolo, Canaiolo, Nero Toscano and Sangiovese and how to make the wine as it has been made for generations.


Dora Forsoni on Her Vino Nobile.
Dora Forsoni on Her Work in the Vineyard & Cellar.
Dora Forsoni on Natural Wine.
Dora Forsoni on the DOCG System.


This visit at Poderi Sanguineto 1&2 took place in April, 2013.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Maya Pedersen.

This visit at Poderi Sanguineto 1&2 took place in November, 2011.

Bay Watch

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Alex Finberg.


I.G.T Bianco Toscano
Grapes: Malvasia Verde, Malvasia Bianco. Biancame, Trebbiano, Grechetto
Vinification: these white grapes were traditionally blended into Vino Nobile to lighten its' color and body. Dora thinks they have something to express as a white wine, effectively making this bottling to highlight its' potential. Fermented and aged in concrete tanks.