Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer
Barbera, Bonarda and Malvasia from La Stoppa.
Elena Pantaleoni.
Giulio Armani.


La Stoppa is a 50 hectare property located in North-West Emilia-Romagna. Founded in the late 19th century by a wealthy lawyer named Gian-Marco Ageno, the estate is currently run by Elena Pantaleoni and head vignaiolo Giulio Armani. 32 hectares of vines are planted in Barbera and Bornada for red, as well as a small amount of Malvasia Candia, Ortrugo and Trebianno for whites. Today, the wines produced from La Stoppa are typically Emilian, but this wasn't always the case...


This interview with Elena Pantaleoni took place at L'Herbe Rouge in February, 2013.


This visit to La Stoppa took place in November, 2012.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Jake Halper.


IGt Emilia "Malvasia Dolce"
Soil: Limestone and clay, with iron and galet subsoils.
Grape: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
Vinification: Natural alcohol degree of 6.5 in autoclave and bottled under pressure.


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