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The One and Only Cascina degli Ulivi.
The late Stefano Bellotti. Photo by Jill Bernheimer.


Where to start with the late Stefano Bellotti and Cascina degli Ulivi? Largely responsible for the legitimization of biodynamic viticulture along with eschewing modern oenology through the 90's, his vision has inspired a generation of younger vignaioli. In a world determined to categorize and explain everything with science, Stefano preached holism. Even more impressive, he showed us how to buck the system, to voice dissent and fight back against the commodification of nature and agriculture. In so many ways, Stefano has played a key role in our evolution and approach to the wines we import. But let's rewind and start from the beginning.


This interview with Stefano Bellotti took place at the Vini di Vigniaoli fair in Fornovo, Italy in October, 2011.


This visit to Cascinia degli Ulivi took place in May, 2014.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Josefa Concannon, Jill Berheimer and David Norris.


VdT "Semplicemente Vino" Bianco
Soil: Red Clay
Grape: Cortese
Vinification: Fermented 50% in 11 ton oak vat, 50% in stainless steel. Aged 3-6 months in 11 ton oak vat.