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Natural Reggiano Wines from Cà de Noci.
Alberto Masini. Photo by Alex Finberg.
Giovanni Masini. Photo by Alex Finberg.


Cà de Noci was established in 1993 by the brothers Giovanni and Alberto Masini on their family’s estate near Reggio Emilia. For more than thirty years, the family has had a walnut forest on the property (hence the name “Walnut Farm”). In the 700’s the province of Emilia Romagna was known to have over 100 different grape varieties. The Masinis wanted to plant local traditional grapes that were slowly disappearing, among them the Spergola, Malbo Gentile and Montericco grapes.


This interview with Alberto Masini took place during Vini di Vignaioli in Fornovo in November, 2011. It was conducted by Kevin Mckenna and translated by Pietro Straccia.


This visit to Cà de Noci took place in November, 2012.

Words and photos by Jules Dressner.


Frizzante "Querciole":
Soil: Limestone and clay
Grape: Spergola
Vines: 37 years old
Vinification: Fermentation in vats. Skin maceration for 3 days. Natural secondary fermentation in bottle.