Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer
Salice Salento from Natalino Del Prete.
Natalino Del Prete. Photo by Eben Lillie.


Natalino Del Prete is as old school as they come. His wines, made in the simplest way possible, are full of rustic character and serve as a perfect example of unpretentious peasant wine meant for everyday consumption.


This visit with Natalino Del Prete took place in November, 2013.

Words by Jules Dressner, photoes by Eben Lillie.


V.D.T "Anne"
Soil: Clay
Grape: Negroamaro
Age of Vines: 30 to 60
Vinification: Fermented and aged in concrete tanks and underground concrete vats. Bottled to order, with no sulfur added at bottling.


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