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The Wild World of La Cave des Nomades.
Zé Tafé.


Originally from a small town outside of Porto, José Carvalho Moreira a.k.a. Zé Tafé's followed up a bachelor's degree in cinema and art by working in various organic and biodynamic farms for three years. While in the Roussillon harvesting fruit in 2010, a close friend invited Zé, an accomplished musician, to come play guitar for some winemakers. Among them was Manuel Di Vecchi Staraz, an Italian transplant who years earlier had set up a small estate in Banyuls. Upon discovering Zé's distaste for wine, Manuel insisted Zé try the ones he produced. It was an instant revelation and the beginning of a great friendship.


This interview with Zé Tafé took place in August, 2018.


This visit to La Cave des Nomades took place in July, 2018.

Words and images by Jules Dressner.

It was a Monday in Banyuls, everything was closed and we needed something for dinner. So Bruno Duchêne had asked us to go swing by his favorite fish shack in Port-Vendres, the small town we were staying in.


Vin de France "PetFakir"
Direct press, initial fermentation in stainless then in bottle. 50% Merlot, 25% Muscat Petit-Grain, 25% Chardonnay.


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