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Arbois Pupillin from Emmanuel Houillon and Pierre Overnoy.
Pierre Overnoy and Emmanuel Houillon.


Viticultural Jura is one of the smallest of all wine regions in France. Over 80 kilometers stretching North to South, on a ridge never more than 5 kilometers wide, the Jura has 1850 hectares under vines. This is down from 20,000HA pre-phylloxera, when about 40 varieties were widely used. This has been reduced to five since the creation of the AOCs, with the local grapes Trousseau and Poulsard for red wines and Savagnin for white, along with Burgundian grapes Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Chardonnay dominates the plantations, although there are many types of plants and clones. The most interesting is called Melon à Queue Rouge, a type developed locally which has reddish stems.


This interview with Emmanuel Houillon took place in Pierre Overnoy's house in August, 2012.


This visit with Emmanuel Houillon took place in July 2017.

Words and photos by Jules Dressner.