Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer
The Esoteric, Indigenous Aoste Wines of Vinirari.
Giulio Moriondo. Photo by Jill Berheimer.


Giulio Moriondo became a winemaker solely out of the passion he has for Valdostana wines and their curious grapes. By day he is a professor at the local Agricultural University (not in oenology), by night and weekends he tends his small parcels of old vines and makes wine in the cellar of his house. His production is minuscule, but his wines are legendary in the region. He has been micro-vinifying fumin, pinot noir, petit rouge, cornalin and vien de nus for over twenty years. The wines are made without any inoculation, with long maceration on the skins and no filtration. Minimal S02 is used at bottling.


VdT Cuvée D'Emile: Petit Rouge and Vien de Nus from old vines on terraces
at 540mt altitude.


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